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Just a few notes from our students and families.

Katie got a 91 on the algebra 2 final, yay!  Please let Willaim know, thank you Vicki!!
                     Tina W.

 My daughter, a straight A student was feeling very anxious and struggling to keep her B in AP Physics. After one indepth tutoring session, Jessica is caught up and understands the concepts with clarity! Bart was incredibly helpful, a lifesaver!  We will be back.

Harry R.
We cannot thank you enough for all you have done for Logan and Madison's education. The kids adore you and so do I.  We will miss you! We are lucky to have found you!  Marnie
We want to thank MyTutorology for another great year.  We appreciate the continuous support that you always give.  My son has become more confident.  His progress has been tremendous and has translated into better grades in science and  higher scores on his SAT  COLLEGE EXAMS!  I will refer anyone who needs math, science or reading tutors to MyTutorology!  
Laurie G.

My Tutorology and owner, Vicki Ellsweig offer a rare commodity of professionalism mixed with compassion, providing students and parents with an individualized creative, non-threatening educational approach to learning. Whether a student is struggling to keep up and make passing grades, as my daughter, or shooting for a higher GPA on the Honor Roll, My Tutorology is an excellent choice. Quality tutors, and Vicki’s unflagging commitment to her students affords, the perfect support for successful, confident students.

                  Jane I.
Dear Vicki,
We are going to miss you so much. You were such a gift to us this year, we are so grateful.  You are like family to us now!  I will tell everyone about you when they ask for tutoring.  Thanks to you and Bart, my daughter made a solid A in Physics!  
We are so proud of Annie and grateful to you and your team  for all of your support and compassion. Thank you!!!  Jane 
My Tutorology helped my son increase his SAT score 100 points in only 2 months! And, my daughter's math grade jumped from a C to an A in weeks. I highly recommend Vicki and her staff.
                              Amy S.
My son has had a great experience with MyTutorology.We brought him for tutoring in the third quarter of the school year and the results were immediate.  Not only have his grades gone up tremendously, his confidence with  GEM math has improved as well.  Prior to working with MyTutorology, we tried the tutoring the school offered, but nothing was working.  Vicki and Peter jumped right in and  brought my son up to speed.  I only wished we started sooner! 

                                          Kathy S.