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Who are we?

Vicki Ellsweig graduated from Sargent College at Boston University in 1981, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Disorders.  Vicki is an accomplished entrepreneur, local business owner and a long-time member of the Lake Mary / Heathrow community. During the past 25 years, she has successfully established and operated three businesses, all in the service industry. Vicki also teaches in the Seminole County public school system.
MyTutorology began as a personal mission. As the mother of a son diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Vicki has encountered many of the same educational and economic struggles that families whose children have learning challenges face each day. Finding the right academic coach for all students should be stress-free and affordable

After years of advocating for her own son, Vicki is dedicated to making a difference through MyTutorology by matching the skills, experience and personality of the tutor to each student’s particular circumstances and needs.
MyTutorology Staff

Our tutors are certified teachers and qualified professionals, holding or obtaining a masters or doctorate degree. Each tutor is highly competent in their area of expertise and demonstrated teaching ability. All tutors are selected based on their experience and credentials, as well as their enthusiasm and dedication to helping students succeed. Our tutors understand that children with learning disabilities have special needs when it comes to instruction, some of our tutors have special education degrees, certification and or experience working with the most common learning disabilities. MyTutorology interviews each tutor checking all references and performing background checks. Our staff holds all information pertaining to our students in strict confidence.